10 Logo Design Tips to Create the Perfect Brand Identity for Your Startup

10 Logo Design Tips to Create the Perfect Brand Identity for Your Startup

Have you ever seen a brand without a logo? No? There is no big brand available in the global market without a logo. A logo is the face of a brand that brilliantly establish its identity in the market. Without a logo, a business can’t expect its success in this highly competitive world. If big brands can’t grow without a logo, then how can you expect your startup to grow without a business logo. If you want your business to succeed, you have to pay close attention to your branding.

No matter what size your business it, you need to capture the attention of the potential audience. One of the best ways to leave a positive and lasting visual impression on your customers is to create a unique brand logo. Logo can easily help you grab the attention of potential customers. But getting a professionally designed logo can be very expensive. So, what to do? Well, there are a lot of platforms that help a novice to create his/her brand logo in easy steps. One needs to have creative thinking skills and a basic idea of Dos & Don’ts of designing logos via these logo makers. Following is the list of expert logo designing tips that will surely help you create the perfect brand identity for your startup.

Here’s everything you need to know!

1. Be authentic

Remember that the motive of creating a business logo is to establish your brand’s powerful presence in the market. A logo should reflect the values of your product, service or company. The name of a company is the authenticity source for the audience, so make sure the logo delivers those unique qualities to your audience effectively. A logo is not what makes the business, it’s your business that makes the logo. So, be authentic & say what you are with your logo.

2. Sketching Should Be The Initial Step

With the help of a sketchpad, your eyes will take a rest from the bright pixels of a computer screen. Also, there is no digital device between your hands and your brain, so it will be much faster to carve your creative design ideas on the paper. Typefaces and colors on a computer screen create a distraction, which makes it tough to design & visualize a logo. Sketching simplifies the placements of symbols; you can put exactly where you want them. You will have a lot of time to digitize your designs. Brainstorming is the toughest task & once you’ve got the idea of symbol and font placement, it’ll be easier for you to design the logo via software or online logo maker.

3. Keep It Appropriate

A logo must be relevant to the thought and goal of your brand. You can’t use flowers and bright icons in your logo if your business deals in electronic products or service; it’s obvious. You have to use appropriate icons and symbols in your logo to make it more suitable and interactive for your brand. You have to go a little bit deeper to make an appropriate logo for your brand. From understanding the business goals to a business idea, you have to do everything to design a perfect logo. The more appropriate your logo, the easier it becomes to sell the idea to potential customers.

4. Choose The Best Colour Shades & Combinations

While in the creation of a logo, colour selection plays a major role. Every colour has a different meaning and may bring nuance to your brand message. In order to keep things simple, don’t fall in the trap of using single colours, dull colours and Black & white colours. Based on your company and market you will have to pick the right colour shades and combinations. If you want your brand to connect with the young generation, then use vibrant and quirky colours. You can have mild, gentle colours when interacting with professionals or corporate. The selection of colours in your logo design describes a lot about your company and its ideas. So, when you create Logo Design, focus on using interactive shades and combos of colours.

5. Aim For Easy Recall

Simplicity helps to understand & recognize easier in this highly competitive world. People can’t recognize complicated logos easily because of too many brands in the market. You want audiences to remember your business logo after just a quick glance, but with an excessively complex design, that is not possible. A logo must be creative, clean, easy-to-read & interactive. Whether it’s a label design, brochure, website or social media graphics, a logo should look good on every platform. If a logo appears creative on every platform, people easily recognize it, which is very good for the brand identity.

6. Be Different

Do some research and analysis of your competitors and avoid using the typography style, colour combinations and symbols placed on the logo design of your competitors. Always strive to be different in this highly competitive world. Standing out from the crowd is essential to mark your presence and get success. By showing the customers how different you are from others, you are actually attracting them towards your products and services. Use different colours combinations, symbols and fonts to make your logo unique and interactive.

7. Choose Your Design Style

Now that you have understood the basics of a logo, it’s the moment, you should know about the logo designing styles. There are lots of different elements that come into play here. You have to be very precise while you choose colours, shapes and graphics and typography for your logo. There are different type of logos designs including classic, royal, retro or vintage, modern and minimalist, fun and quirky, Handmade and handcrafted. Just mix and match them to create a logo that suits your brand.

8. Focus on Symmetry

Even if you’re interested in making a funky logo, proportions and symmetry are still very important. This rule should always be followed to make the logo design more unique, interactive and professional. The example of ‘Apple’ can be taken for an easy understanding. This has symmetric upper and lower sections. In fact, if you look closely, there are spherical proportions. There are a lot of other logos are symmetrical, like Twitter Logo and Pepsi Logo. Symmetrical elements make well-balanced business logo design.

9. Make an evergreen logo

Create a specific logo for your brand that will stay evergreen. There are many symbols, fonts and colours that are evergreen for a brand logo. The combination of black and white or the cubic forms comes under evergreen logo category. You can also use golden colour to make your logo evergreen. Take the inspiration from top brands to create a logo that will never be out of style. Follow your intuition and take out everything that is in your head!

10. Trademark your logo

Once you’ve designed the logo as per your desires, don’t forget to secure the copyrights to that logo to prevent design theft and other violations. The internet has made the world smaller and anyone can take advantage of it. So, keep your business logo and other designs secure.

Final Thoughts

Logo creation is not an easy task, so follow these steps and take the help of Designhill for creating an ultimate logo. Designhill is one of the best online logo making platforms that lets you design a highly creative logo for your business in five easy steps.

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