How to sell online with easy 5 steps

How to sell online with easy 5 steps

How to sell online

You may be wondering that “after all the noise I have made with my online posts, you’re still telling me that they can’t find me online”?.


Yes,  that’s because customer don’t buy from who they don’t know.

There is a lot of noise in the digital world and as such, most contents go there to be forgotten.

The Solution

In order to maximize your online presence so that your audience will buy from you, these are some things you need to do:

a) Choose what product to sell

This is very important because many people go online and see how people testify of selling and want to venture into the same business.

No, you have to decide with what you want to sell. Do research about what customer needs, google is your friend.

b) Go on Social Media: 

After deciding on what to sell, its time to go online. One way to do that is to use social media.

Social media is fast growing, but the issue is, every social media platform has there own behaviour. What works for facebook might not work for instagram. Understanding how each social media works will help you sell your product well.

Sounds interesting right? … I know. 

c) List Your Product:

Its time to list your product online, having a social media presence is not enough, you need to either create an E-commerce website or use multivendor E-commerce website like

To create a website might be quite expensive, that’s why you need to leverage multivendor e-commerce website.

d) Use Google My Business(GMB)

Sometimes you want to get the nearest computer store, then you search for nearest computer store in your area. How do you feel when you get your answer, that’s how customer feel when they can reach you.

Remember customers don’t search about you, dey search for what they want i.e keyword. With Google My Business, you can be found when customers search about your service.

e) Run advert:

Running advert is very important because growing or meeting your customers organically will be hard. You can run online advert through social media or search engine(Google).

My advice for social media advert is using facebook ads.


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