Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward


It will indeed be ill-bred of me not to say a happy new month to you. I mean, not after all that we’ve been through in the last quarter.

So, I prefer it’s late than never to welcome you to July and the second half of the year.
SECOND HALF? I know you might not want to be reminded of that, so do I.

It brings so much pressure to think of how much I’ve not done yet.

However, I made a decision that I would like to share with you.

*My new consciousness is that everyday is a new month and a New Year.*

So, whatever it is that I would want to review at the end of each month gets done little by little every day.
Pardon me if I say “happy new year” to you in our chats😀. It’s part of it!

Always know that you’re living to the fullest the goodness of Christ in you.📌

Have that mindset to conquer it all one step each day.👯

Need an accountability officer? I can be your motivation 💪, that’s if you’re ready cos I dey worry oo.

Happy July (New year)!
Happy Weekend!

With love and all goodness,
_Princess Amarachi._

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